12 Myths About Cellulite

Cellulite skin conditions are actually more common than people think they are. This is probably why more and more myths about it are popping up. Here are twelve of those very myths.

1. Only Fat Women Get Cellulite

Cellulite is a problem that affects both fat and fit individuals. It is true that 95% of women generally suffer from cellulite. There are however also thousands of men who also have the same condition. It is also not necessarily true that people with cellulite conditions are obese. Even thin people can have cellulite. This is because there is some evidence that cellulite may be caused by genetic predispositions or increased estrogen hormone levels.

2. All I Need is Exercise

This is probably one of the most misunderstood myths. Exercise alone cannot eliminate cellulite that is already present. Some say this is because cellulite is a form of fat that is trapped and cannot be properly burned by exercise. Exercise however can effectively reduce your total body fat even before cellulite appears. Trim and fit people may have cellulite, but the cellulite skin condition may be less visible and may be seen only by pinching cellulite areas.

3. All I Need is a Good Diet

Another common myth for cellulite condition is the diet. It is true that eating the right kinds of foods cannot erase cellulite. If you eat less fats and more fruits and vegetables however, you will be able to reduce your body fat and clean up your system. Eating the proper diet can help you get more antioxidants that can fight free radicals that can make your cellulite skin condition worse.

4. Liposuction is the Only Solution For Me

It was once believed that liposuction is the only solution for the cellulite skin condition. This is no longer the case. Cellulite can actually get worse because of liposuction. Liposuction is also not for everyone. It is a surgical procedure that works best only among young patients. Liposuction is generally a shaping method and can only be used by people who are already more or less close to fit and would just like a little muscular or body definition.

5. There is No Solution for Cellulite

However severe your cellulite skin condition may be, there is always something you can do. Eating right and exercising can help prevent your condition from worsening. The right lifestyle however needs to be supplemented by other treatments. Some topical cellulite creams for example have been proven to be effective. It is true though that there are topical
rip off products that cannot really bring about any results. Some natural products however have shown great promise as cellulite treatments. Product with caffeine, green tea extract, algae extract and retinol A may be good products to use as cellulite treatment.

6. Cellulite Only Happens to Overweight Women

No. Even very slim women can have cellulite on their thighs, buttocks and hips. Cellulite results from the skin losing its elasticity and firmness. This allows fluids and fat deposits
settle into the lower layers of the skin.

7. It’s Because I’m Old! Young Women Never Have Cellulite.

Relax! Cellulite can develop as early as puberty but is not easily noticed due to the suppleness of young skin. Remember that anything that accelerates the skin-aging process, such as prolonged sun exposure, can be a factor in developing cellulite.

8. Cellulite is Hereditary

If your mother has cellulite it doesn’t mean that you will, or that you cannot fight it! Heredity is not a primary factor here. Your genes, your gender, the amount of fat on your body, and the thickness of your skin are influencing factors. For example, thinner skin and excess body fat makes cellulite more visible. But not permanent!

9. Cellulite is a Medical Condition

False. Need proof? Look up cellulite to see if it’s listed as a medical condition in a medical dictionary. It’s not there! From a medical point of view, cellulite is nothing to worry about. Cellulite is often confused with the medical condition cellulitis, a painful inflammatory skin condition, which is something completely different. So, we just proved that cellulite is not a medical condition and you are completely healthy.

11. Any Cellulite Product Is As Good As Any Other

The market is packed with products that claim to solve your cellulite condition. Not all products however are genuine cellulite solutions. Be careful when you choose and buy a cellulite cure. You could get scammed. Pick one that has authentic natural cellulite-fighting ingredients. You might want to check the product’s reputation and track record first.

12. You Can Easily Find Quick Fixes For Cellulite

There is no easy way to get rid of cellulite. Even a very effective cellulite cure would take some time to produce results. You would also have to regularly use a treatment if you want to get good results. With this in mind, you shouldn’t believe advertisements that tell you that there is a fast and easy way to get rid of cellulite. These ads are most likely referring to
temporary masking solutions. These are not cures at all but cosmetics that can cover your problem to make it less obvious for a day or two.

Call your husband/boyfriend and have him massage you regularly. Even a massage with light pressure can change help eliminate excess fluids and toxins. You should also exercise regularly, which is true to every aspect of your health and well-being. Additionally laser can be used to treat cellulite. And while there’s no proof, there’s a lot of speculation that poor blood flow is an important factor in cellulite formation. And be on a healthy diet – it’s an intrinsic part of any cellulite prevention.

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