3 Best Yoga Poses to Banish Cellulite

banish cellulite

Do you practice yoga as part of living a healthier life?

Yoga is becoming a more popular form of exercise for adults in the United States.

As of 2016, 9.5% of adults (21 million people) in America practice yoga. This is a dramatic increase over the 6.5% who participated in 2007 and 5.1% in 2002!

There many different well-known health benefits that come from doing yoga. These include weight loss, stress reduction, and improved physical and cardiovascular health.

But even the most healthy women are looking for ways to banish cellulite!

Read on to learn the 3 best yoga poses to help you do it!

1. Shoulder Stand

A shoulder stand is a great challenge for your muscles and your breathing. It also packs quite the punch against cellulite!

You begin the exercise by laying on your back. Bring your legs towards your head and place your arms behind your back.

Put your legs up in the air towards the ceiling (or sky!) and extend your legs up so that your back straightens.

Keep your hands behind your back with your elbows planted on the ground to help support your back.

Hold this position for 8 to 10 breaths before releasing this position.

By holding this posture, you will be challenged to breath deeper and more controlled. You will also improve the strength in your upper body, abs, and legs.

Over time, this is an exercise that also helps you banish cellulite in your legs!

2. Eagle Pose

The eagle pose is a challenging yoga position for newer yogis and veterans alike! It’s also cellulite’s worst nightmare!

Start in a standing position. Bend your knees and cross your right thigh over your left thigh (sort of like a pretzel’s twist). Try to double wrap your right leg, if possible, and behind your left thigh so that your foot becomes hooked behind your left calf.

Now take your left arm and wrap it under the right one, pressing your palms together.

Once you are in this position, begin to move in a seated position towards the floor. As you enter this position, be sure to squeeze your thighs together and focus your eyes straight ahead.

Hold this position for 6 to 8 breaths and then try it on the opposite side!

What’s the secret to how it can banish cellulite so well?

You have to tighten muscles in your thighs while strengthening your core throughout the exercise!

3. Incline Plank

The plank is a popular exercise for many athletes but takes on many different forms as a yogi.

One of the most effective yoga poses in the fight against cellulite is the incline plank.

Start this exercise by being seated on the floor. Extend your legs out towards the edge of your mat at full length.

Bring your arms behind your body and plant your hands on the ground with your fingers facing your feet.

Now lift up your hips while simultaneously extending your arms to hold yourself up in a plank position.

When you are in place, your arms should be locked in a straight position and your hands should be firmly on the ground.

The inverted plank position should be held for 6 to 8 breaths before released.

Arguably the most challenging aspect of this exercise is the amount of work your thighs and hamstrings are doing to help you hold the position!

Other Health Tips to Use

While yoga exercises are a great way to help you banish cellulite, it should be just one part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Focus your diet on eating foods that help control your cellulite.

Foods like flaxseed can help reduce cellulite. Try incorporating it into your regular diet by adding a couple tablespoons to yogurt or oatmeal.

Also, try to limit the amount of salt and sugar you are eating as part of your diet. By curbing your intake of these ingredients, you can help control the appearance of your cellulite.

This is because the sodium in salt makes you retain water and sugar are stored in fat cells which can expand them.

Another important aspect of incorporating a good diet with a yoga program is to drink lots of water. Drinking water can help you control your appetite while also staying hydrated!

Banish Cellulite With Yoga

Yoga is a great form of exercise for you in your quest to banish cellulite!

The different poses and breathing exercises help you to focus on your mind and body while challenging your muscles.

Yoga is known for being a good way to isolate specific areas of your body. When you are seeking to get rid of your cellulite, the most important muscles to focus on are your thighs, calves, and legs.

Some of the best poses to help you get rid of cellulite are the shoulder stand, eagle pose, and incline plank.

The shoulder stand works your abs and upper body as your toes are pointed towards the sky. Your legs get a good workout by being extended and held in that position as you take breaths.

The eagle pose challenges your thigh muscles and strengthens your core as you hold the seated position.

If you want to build upon your core strength while also working your body and upper legs, the incline plank is another great yoga pose.

Each of these exercises will help you banish cellulite but work best as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a diet low in salt and sugar.

By eating better and working out regularly, you can maximize the health benefits you receive from doing these exercises.

It’s also important to be sure that you are drinking plenty of water. This keeps you hydrated while also helping you to better control your appetite!

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