3 Surprising Foods That Actually Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most challenging things you can do. The good news is that it is not impossible. When it comes to weight loss, many people think that you need to starve yourself. While this is partly true, it is not always the case.

3 Surprising Foods That Actually Help You Lose Weight

You should eat healthy food and stay away from unhealthy food, but if you love eating, there are healthy choices you can make and enjoy eating and will actually help you reach your goal of losing weight. The only thing you will need to control is the portion you eat. Some of the foods that can aid in weight loss include:

1. Fiber
Fiber is actually carbohydrates. The only difference with this type of carbohydrate is that it cannot be digested by humans. Eating foods rich in fiber can help in weight loss because fiber makes you feel fuller faster. You will thus consume a smaller portion of food when consuming fiber. Research has shown that soluble fibers are the type that can help you lose weight. Additionally, they have positive effects on your health and metabolism. Examples of soluble fiber include oats, beans, asparagus and flax seeds among many others. If you want to start consuming this type of fiber, it would be best to introduce it gradually to the body to avoid experiencing effects such as cramps and abdominal discomfort.

2. Calcium
The higher the amounts of calcium in your body the higher the amount of fat your body burns. The best type of calcium to help in weight loss is calcium from dairy products. This theory was tested on obese patients and the results showed that those who consumed a higher amount of calcium than the others lost more weight. For older women, those consuming high amounts of calcium gained less weight on their abdominal area as they advanced in age. Calcium increases the body’s core temperature thus increasing the body’s metabolism which results in burning of more fat. You can consume low-fat dairy products to help you achieve your goals. However, if you have cardiovascular problems, it would be best to consult your doctor about the right amount to consume so that it does not negatively impact your cardiovascular system.

3. Fruits
Fruits are healthy foods to eat whether you are ailing or you want to live a healthier life. Fruits such as grapefruit, apples, watermelon and avocado among many others are healthy. You may be wondering why avocado is on the list despite it containing fats. Avocado contains good fats so it will not negatively impact your weight loss goals. Eating fruits makes you feel full thus preventing you from snacking on unhealthy things such as fries or beef burgers.

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