4 Answers to Popular Questions About Cellulite

Cellulite. We all have it and hate it. How much do you actually know about the dimply, pimply puckering of the skin we all commonly refer to as “cottage cheese”? Where does it come from? Can it be prevented or eliminated?

There are a myriad of myths and facts floating around in popular culture about our bodies. These include whether a certain diet can successfully achieve spot reduction of fat, or even astrological sign influence. There is no shortage of opinions and attitudes when it comes to your body’s composition. Sadly, most of this information is anything but true. In order to start setting the record straight, here’s a brief breakdown on cellulite. There are four common questions about cellulite, and their factually proven answers.

What’s the difference between cellulite and fat?
Contrary to popular belief, cellulite isn’t fat. It’s an effect that alters the fat’s appearance beneath the skin’s surface. Fat stores in the body as dimples. It stretches due to the pressure of neighboring connective tissue. It creates an uneven surface called cellulite.

Is cellulite genetic?
Yes and no. The truth about whether it’s nature or nurture causing cellulite isn’t a simple answer. Genetics and overall lifestyle choices have an impact on where, and how much, an individual accumulates cellulite. If you’re prone to develop cellulite, what you do or don’t do can either minimize or emphasize its appearance and onset. Regardless of hereditary factors, exposure to the sun, dietary habits, hormone levels, and clothing choices can all impact cellulite.

Are there ways to prevent cellulite?
Cellulite occurs because of genes and daily habits. Certain choices can alter the extent to which we suffer from this common condition. Nearly 90% of the population has cellulite. There are people who have proven successful in minimizing its appearance. Avoiding excessive sun exposure, eating right, maintaining a normal body weight, keeping active, and staying well hydrated can all combat cellulite’s appearance.

Is there a cure for cellulite?
There are many ways to successfully prevent cellulite and to minimize its effects. Eliminating it entirely is another story. Exercise and dietary choices can do a lot. Due to the fact that every human innately has fat stored on the body, whether you weigh fifty pounds or five hundred, a complete cure is almost impossible. However, modern medicine coupled with today’s technological growth has made laser procedures possible. These processes can even skin’s appearance by reducing and shrinking the overall size of fat cells. This results in immediate, long-term cellulite reduction that’s safe and effective. It’s the closest thing to a cure available today.

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