5 Most Dangerous Areas to Gain Body Fat

Body fat is crucial for life since it acts as a cushion, insulator and source of energy and also as a structural component of the cell membranes. It becomes life-threatening when it is more than the body requires. People accumulate fat in different parts of the body based on their age and gender. The hormones control the deposit of fat in various regions of the body. Females tend to carry a higher percentage of fat throughout their lives as compared to men. Besides living a healthy lifestyle, the laser body sculpting treatments to help eliminate the excess skin can also burn excess fat.

5 Most Dangerous Areas to Gain Body Fat

1) The brain

Accumulation of excess fats may cause an individual to have poor learning skills and also poor memory. Excess fats in the brain may lead to the production of cytokines, resulting in the inflammation of different parts of the body. In addition, it may give rise to the interference of the signaling molecules in the brain which can thus lead to interference of hormonal functions in the body.

2) The Belly

The Visceral fats found in the mid-section of the body can be life threatening. The area surrounds vital organs such as the pancreas, kidney, stomach and liver. Accumulation of these fats may result in diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol levels and even stroke. A large potbelly is harmful to men (that is; the weight girth exceeds the hip girth). Fat in the belly is usually replaced faster than it is exhausted. Men with pot bellies tend to have back pain since the body’s center of gravity is shifted forward. Women with a large waist size are at a high risk of getting various diseases. The laser body sculpting treatments may help burn the fat.

3) The liver

A fatty liver occurs as a result of excessive accumulation of fat in the liver cells. When the amount of fat is in excess of what the liver can handle, fatty tissues begin to develop. As a result of this accumulation, the liver thus becomes vulnerable to scarring and inflammation. In addition, a fatty liver can lead to diabetes and can also cause liver failure. The primary cause of fatty liver disease is obesity. People should eat a healthy diet and also do regular exercise to help prevent this excessive accumulation.

4) The ovaries

The women’s ovaries are crucial for the eggs production and also the secretion of estrogen hormone. Excessive accumulation of fat in the ovaries can be highly problematic since it affects the ovarian follicles thus resulting in the hindrance of oocyte development. As a result, it can thus affect pregnancy.

5) The heart

Visceral fats can also be found in this organ, and this may lead to atherosclerosis, the narrowing and the hardening of the hearts arteries. The result is high blood pressure and even improper circulation of the blood which may result in an insufficient supply of oxygen to the other organs. High cholesterol levels in the blood may lead to cardiovascular diseases. People should eat healthily and also exercise to help burn fat.

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