5 Strategies to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Long-Term

Weight loss is truly an individual journey to achieving health and wellness. Everyone has a different body makeup with their own genetics and everyday influences. What may work for one individual, may not work for another. This is why losing weight can be such a challenge for the majority of people because there really is no one size fits all type of program.

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The best thing for anyone to do who would like to lose weight and keep it off long-term, is to learn from other people’s successes. Whether you have been losing weight for some time or are newly interested in shedding a few pounds, here are 5 strategies to help you reach your goal weight and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Make it a Lifestyle Change

Research shows that 95% of weight loss fails when it is centered on diet alone. People are successful with long-term weight loss when they have a combination of diet, exercise and an overall change of attitude. This means altering your lifestyle by removing bad habits and practice new habits that embrace a healthier way of life. By exercising daily regardless of your schedule, maintaining a healthy diet even when you are tempted and being consistent is crucial to making achieving a weight loss lifestyle change.

2. Plan Ahead

There is no better way to set yourself up for success than to plan accordingly. This means planning your daily and weekly meals out proportionally with protein, fat and carbs. By meal planning, you can avoid becoming overly hungry and succumbing to quick or fast-food. Also, since weight loss is now a part of your lifestyle, you need to plan ahead in order to control occasions when you eat out and special events. Become comfortable with asking your waiters how their food is prepared and don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions.

3. Journal and Measure

As a way of self-motivation, perseverance and long time weight loss, it is important to keep a food and progress journal. The National Weight Control Registry found that people who logged their foods lost an average of 50 pounds and successfully kept it off for five years. At the beginning of your weight-loss journey, weigh and measure your waist, arms, hips, bust, etc. In addition, write out attainable goals. Once you reach those goals, you can build from them until you reach your ideal weight.

Along the way continue to track your progress. This doesn’t mean you should weigh yourself every chance you get, but you should tune into how you are feeling. If the scale helps motivate you, choose to weight yourself the same day every week at the same time, ideally in the morning. Then, track it in your journal. Understand that weight loss is journey and nothing happens over night. Consistence is the key to achieving your weight loss goals.

4. Find Activities You Enjoy

In order to avoid burnout or frustration, try to find exercising activities you enjoy. At the gym, try to avoid doing the same routine that you always do. Instead, experiment with new aerobic classes, explore new hiking trails, or pick up a new hobby such as mountain biking. Push yourself to get out of your physical comfort zone.

5. Reward Yourself

Sticking to a diet plan is important for long-time weight loss. But over-restricting yourself or placing too much pressure on your weight can create mental obstacles. Allow yourself to enjoy the foods you love, but in moderation. If you lost 10 pounds, reward yourself by getting a massage or doing something (non-food related) that you enjoy. The point being that weight loss can be challenging and frustrating at times. You have to celebrate the small and big milestones, and keep moving!

To achieve long-term weight loss you must change your entire lifestyle and create new habits. Even after you reach your goals, you are still practicing these habits in order to maintain that figure you worked so hard for. For example, Verju laser is a great way to tone cellulite after weight loss. Before you can maintain, take each day one day at a time, focus on planning ahead, remember to journal, find activities you love, and always reward your accomplishments.


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