5 Ways to Improve Your Laser Sculpting Results

laser sculpting resultsLaser sculpting is the new rage for those looking for a quick way to slim down. It’s been called “liposuction without the surgery”, and with 91% of women unhappy with their body, the treatment is taking off.

Laser Sculpting is a non-invasive fat removal procedure that freezes the fat cells in your desired area without destroying your skin. One of the biggest pros to the process is that there is virtually no down time. You may have some bruising, but that heals with time.

Using an FDA approved technique your fat cells will freeze, crystallize, and then completely dissipate from your body’s own ability to soak them up and get rid of them.

Being able to target your problem areas without having to do specific workouts is a dream come true for many people.

Just had a baby? You deserve a little laser session! Freeze away that post baby fat and get back the waistline you had before. There are no scars and little to no pain as well.

But let’s get the real skinny on what else you can do to personally improve your laser sculpting results:

1. Diet

Yes, even with the magic of laser sculpting, you still need to diet. You can capitalize on the treatment by eating well and doing so consistently.

Certain parts of the body are extremely hard to target when you want to eliminate fat. Even with a great diet, it can still be tricky to hit some of your problem areas.

Laser sculpting can be a huge aid in getting rid of those hard to get areas. But for the maximum effect on your body shape and silhouette, you absolutely have to eat well.

Cut out carbs past noon and cut out sugar completely. If you’re going to spend the money for amazing results, why not go the extra mile and slim down completely? With a great diet and slimmer figure, your cold laser sculpting results will pop even more.

Do all you can do in terms of your diet, and laser sculpting can be the best wingman ever. It will give you optimal results on an already slimmed down body. Sometimes we inherit fat pockets in certain areas of our body based on our genetics.

Let lasers help you with all things you can’t control.

2. Exercise

Much like dieting, exercise is incredibly important to achieve optimal laser sculpting results. Maybe you don’t like exercise or feel as if you have let yourself go a little. Remember that sculpting results can last, but it can be difficult to keep them if you don’t exercise.

Much like a car who needs a jump start, laser sculpting can get you on your way. A car with a dead battery will need a new one eventually. Use laser sculpting to help you shape your body. The rest is up to you.

Consistently getting in the gym and burning fat is going to only make your laser sculpting results look better. Tone those arms and buns and keep up on your sit-ups.

If you can start your own fat burning regimen, sculpting results will just help you get the extra bits that don’t want to fall off.

Exercise is more than just about vanity. We are talking long-term health here, not just looking incredible naked. Your cardiovascular improvements from consistent exercise will leave your heart thanking you for years to come.

A healthy life is a happy life. If you need a little help getting out the door and into the gym, consider a pre-workout. It can amp you up and get you excited about the treadmill.

Make sure and talk to your laser sculpting doctor before taking any supplements though, as some may not benefit you and could affect your treatments.

3. Post-Treatment Massage

Light massages on the area that was treated post-session are very recommended to improve your laser sculpting results. Though the technology is non-invasive, your cells will still have gone through a fairly traumatic process (hence the bruising).

Light massages will help the crystallized cells get absorbed and disappear. It will also help the blood flow to the targeted area to flush out the bad cells and bring in fresh blood. The fresh blood will help heal the area and the skin cells.

The more messages, the more fresh blood. The more fresh blood that enters the area, the quicker your bruising will be able to heal. The quicker your internal bruises heal, the quicker you’ll be ready to sport that bikini and show off your laser sculpting results!

Though you may feel a little discomfort immediately after the treatment, it will resolve. If you feel sore the next few days, consider taking Tylenol or Naproxen and you will feel immediate relief.

Pair the medication with light massages and you will be well on your way to a fantastic recovery and optimal laser sculpting results.

4. Compression Garments

To keep yourself extremely comfortable post-treatment, use a compression belt or garment. This will keep your swelling down and speed the process along.

The pressure on the targeted area will increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. This can actually enhance the elimination process of the fat cells you are trying to get rid of.

Drink plenty of water during this process, your cells will need them. If you have any vibrational devices in your home, you can also apply these to the area. Vibration paired with the pressure garments can speed up the recovery process and maximize your results.

5. High-Protein for the Optimal Laser Sculpting Results

It will take a little time for the fat cells to leave your system. A diet high in protein can increase your laser sculpting results by aiding your recovery cells by supplying them with protein. It can also increase your metabolism, leading to more sustainable weight loss.

Go For Gold

Regardless of your reason for wanting great laser sculpting results, you deserve the results you are pining for.

You’ll get back the confidence you had before your baby or before you put on those extra pounds.

You can have the body you’ve dreamt of. With fantastic new technology and a little drive from within, you can be an unstoppable and inspiring force.

Contact us for more body tips on how to look your absolute best!

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