6 Dance-Based Workouts to Get Your Heart Pumping

dance-based workout

Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? With dance-based workouts on the rise, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. And the best part? When you’re shaking your hips to rhythmic beats, it’s a lot easier to lose yourself in the music and forget that you’re trying to burn calories.

If you’re ready to infuse your regular routine with some booty-blasting moves, look no further than the list below to get your heart pumping and toes tapping.


Zumba is a high-energy dance workout featuring choreographed dance numbers set to upbeat tunes. The music can range from traditional Latin to a blend of Arabic, African, and even American pop. Zumba varies in intensity depending on the level of the course and can be beneficial for all ages, including kids. Whether for toning or strength training, an hour of Zumba can burn a whopping 369 calories. Add some spice to your life and unleash your inner Zumba dancer!

Pole Dancing

If you’re looking to get in touch with your sexy side, pole dancing is great option for building confidence while improving joint mobility and flexibility. In addition to becoming more limber, pole dancing can help to increase kinesthetic awareness and promote blood flow. Strut your stuff and feel good doing it!

Barre Classes

Barre classes are inspired by classical ballet, combining various elements of Pilates, yoga, and dance. Barre workouts are targeted at sculpting the body into long and lean lines, often incorporating equipment like balls and hand weights. These workouts slim and stretch the entire body, and though you may feel sore after your first few workouts, you will likely see quick results, including improved posture, flatter abs and stomach, and leaner thighs.

Bollywood Dancing

Though Bollywood dancing is rooted in the ancient religion of Hinduism, most people associate Bollywood dancing with the reigning film industry of India that shares its namesake. Popularized for a global audience in the film Slumdog Millionaire, Bollywood dancing features highly choreographed dance moves, including shoulder rolls and toe taps set to upbeat tunes. Animated in nature, Bollywood dancing is an energetic, free-spirited form of dancing that is both a high-intensity and full body workout.

Hip Hop Dancing

Hip hop dancing is a fun, fast-paced way to get your heart rate up, while busting out some serious moves. Hip dancing offers both aerobic and anaerobic benefits, with more intense sessions focused on toning muscles and building strength. Come prepared to have a good time and leave with a clearer mental focus.

Belly Dancing

If you’re looking to boost your self-image while burning calories, belly dancing may be for you. Embraced by dancers of all shapes and sizes, belly dancing is an empowering and sensual way to work up a sweat and look great doing it. Known for its hip swivels and lifts, belly dancing also increases mobility and coordination through its meticulously harmonized body sways and belly rolls. A typical belly dance class and can burn up to 300 calories, while also exercising the mind’s focus and creativity. What’s not to love about a total body workout?

Whether you are looking to shape up your workouts or add some creativity to your routine, there is no shortage of ways to dance it out. What are some of your favorite dance-based workouts? Share your feedback in the comment section below!

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