6 Foods & Drinks That Prevent You From Losing Body Fat

Gaining weight is a big problem in the 21st century. The lifestyle changes that have come from an increased intake of processed foods, an increased use of technology and innovation at the workplace, and the lack of exercise have been big contributors to the high levels of physical inadequacy of today. These habits have greatly contributed to excessive body fat for many people. However, the food we eat is especially the main culprit when it comes to body fat. Most people are not aware some foods that are supposedly good diet foods actually lead to weight problems. While there are many solutions to removing body fat, like body laser sculpting, knowing some foods to avoid can go a long way in keeping you fit. Here are a number of foods that prevent you from losing body fat.

1. Cereals

Most people eat a mixture of cereals and milk for breakfast. Cereals are definitely healthy, but not for breakfast! Cereals contain sugar which is not the best food to start off the day. The best breakfast meals for people looking to lose body fat should always contain as little carbs as possible.

2. Pizza

The beloved pizza is unfortunately a very unhealthy food that adds too much fat to the system. Pizza contains all kinds of processed food and fat which are anything but healthy. Just like most fried foods, pizza contains a lot of saturated fat. The difference between saturated fat and other fats, is saturated fat has the highest rates of retention within the body. Pizza is therefore off-limits, if you want to lose fat.

3. Chips and Fries

Potato chips and french fries are some of the worst foods for people looking to lose weight. These foods are also full of saturated fat which can be deposited in the body in huge amounts by the consumption of chips and fries. Having a large amount of carbohydrate content also makes them have a double effect on weight gain.

4. Whole Wheat Products

When it comes to wheat, there is a general consensus that whole grain products are much healthier than refined products. This assumption could not be farther from the truth. Indeed, products marketed as whole grain are actually insignificantly different from the refined ones. Whole wheat products will add sugar content as much as any other type of product would.

5. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is one of the most recommended “healthy foods”. Whatever fruit juice you get from the store is not the best kind of drink to send down to your gut, unfortunately. This is because most fruit juices today are just sweetened liquids that contain more sugar than anything else. When it comes to fruits, eating them while they are still fruits is always the best thing to do.

6. Diet Soda and Other Diet Drinks

The problem with most “diet” foods and drinks is they are more of a marketing ploy than anything else. Most manufacturers simply want to make money and they will amplify the slightest difference between products in the most disproportionate way. Diet soft drinks contain sugar just like any other form of drink. If you really want to lose fat, stay away from these and drink good old fresh water.

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