8 Facts Body Laser Sculpting is the Best Method For Fat Reduction

What is body laser sculpting? It is a pain-free modern improvement in laser technology which reduces body fat using low energy lasers. In other words, it is a cold laser fat reduction treatment. We are living in a world where our body image is very important to an individual and to society. In most cases, when we want to look good and appreciate our new bodies, we go under the knife–but thanks to cold laser fat reduction treatments, we no longer have to deal with plastic surgeons sticking a probe under our skin to suck the fat out. The following are eight facts that prove body laser sculpting is the best method for fat reduction:

1. It removes fat cells without harming surrounding cells and tissues.

Unlike other methods of fat reduction such as liposuction that can potentially harm the surrounding tissues and cells, cold laser fat reduction works by causing a transitory pore that allows the contents of the fat cells to escape. Body laser sculpting acts as a dehydrating treatment that allows the fat contents to leak out of the cell.

2. You’re not required to change your diet or exercise more.

Through a randomized, double-blind, multi-site, and placebo-controlled study, both categories were asked not to alter what they usually eat or exercise more. On average, clients lost a statistical mean of 3.64 inches around their hips, thighs, and waist. The placebo category only lost a mean of a half of an inch. Therefore, the cold laser fat reduction treatment is proven through clinical studies.

3. The treatment is simple and comfortable.

The process is usually painless. The sessions are not tedious and repetitive as they only last about 40 minutes, and one will be asked to turn on their back 20 minutes into the session. The recommended number of treatments in a week is three times, usually skipping a day in between the sessions, for instance; Monday,Wednesday, and Friday for a minimum of six sessions in a time period of two weeks to see the desired outcomes.

4. It has a cleansing effect on the body.

We store our toxins in our fat, and as the laser punctures holes in the fat cells (the process is completely painless), they deflate, and the fat is taken into the interstitial fluid and removed by our lymphatic system. The excess fat passes through the body during its normal course of detoxification.

5. Your body gets to keep all your fat cells.

This is an excellent thing as the removal of fat cells may have unintended effects like the fat being deposited in other places. This has been witnessed in the recent studies on liposuction. In the case of cold laser fat reduction treatment, one gets to keep all the fat cells but they are just much smaller.

6. There’s no pain, swelling, redness, or tenderness.

When one is under cold laser fat reduction treatment, unlike other fat removal treatments that are more invasive, one can immediately go back to work or resume their daily activities.

7. There’s no recovery time, discomfort, or associated pain.

Unlike other procedures, it is attributed with recovery and rapid cellular degeneration and it is the first and only process cleared by the PDA for the circumferential reduction of the arms, thighs, waists, and hips.

8. Results are visible within two weeks.

The cold laser fat reduction treatment takes just as little as two weeks to see results. Most patients experience about two to four inches of fat loss in the treated areas, and sometimes more.

So why deal with invasive surgeries that leave you with possible complications and bandages wrapped around your body when you can have a cold laser fat reduction treatment? Thanks to body laser sculpting, the days of painful liposuction are gone!

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