8 Facts About Body Laser Sculpting

body laser sculptingWe all hate and have those stubborn areas. You know, the ones you work so hard to fix, but it doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.

It’s completely normal. Sometimes, it really does take a miracle to get rid of our “trouble spots”. Luckily, miracles do exist.

Meet laser sculpting. He’s non-invasive, safe to use, completely painless, and he even moves quickly. He almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t he?

But, don’t fear, friends. Research is on his side. Laser sculpting is proven to be the most effective method of reducing fatty tissue and tightening skin.

As with any procedure, it’s good to be as informed as possible before going in. So, we’re going to break it down a little for you. Read on to learn 8 facts about body laser sculpting.

1. Body Laser Sculpting Targets Tissue

There a few different ways in which the laser sculptor hits those trouble areas. But, in most incidences, the laser is working to heat the tissue underneath the skin.

In some cases, the laser will try to reach fat cells, which creates a thermal reaction. You’re essentially forcing the free fatty lipids out of your cells.

When there are less fatty lipids present, it appears as if there’s less ‘fat’. Their loss contributes to a smoother, more contoured skin.

There are also other lasers that target your collagen fibers so they will contract. When this happens, your body will begin its natural healing process.

Your body produces hot temperatures during this process which causes the skin to tighten.

2. Can Be Used in Most Areas

What’s great about laser sculpting is that it can be used in various places on your body. One of the more common procedures its used for is to contour and tighten the abdomen.

It’s also used to fight off those fat pockets found in our upper arms and backs. Oh, did we mention that laser sculpting can also rid you of that dreaded bra bulge?

If you’re looking to get rid of that cellulite found in the legs and butt, it can do that, too. Also, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks from all areas.

3. But Wait, There’s More

Just like Billy Mays, we’re not done with you just yet. We talked about the areas it can hit on your body, but we still have to tell you about what it can do for your face.

If you’re going for a younger look, then listen to this. You know that stubborn lax skin hanging around your cheekbone? The laser sculptor can hit that.

The “laugh lines” and wrinkles around your mouth and forehead? Yep, it’ll soften those, too.

But, it’s also gentle enough to hit the area surrounding your eyes. It’ll reduce those annoying bags that hang around and soften the eye’s lines.

4. Not a ‘Diet Plan’

Okay, we’ve spent quite some time hyping up how great this procedure is. Now, we need to take a few steps back and make sure we’re all on the same page.

By no means is laser sculpting a weightloss method, so don’t expect to lose pounds. Nor will it replace a healthy lifestyle with mindful eating and exercise.

Instead, it’s intended to help tighten skin for contour purposes. Some trouble spots are near impossible to hit, so it works to fix flabby skin.

5. It’s Non-Surgical

That’s sure a relief, huh? Most cellulite removing procedures require going under but not body laser sculpting.

Instead, it’s administered through a diode within a laser beam. This beam rests above the targeted area with the laser pointing directly at it.

Once the area is targeted, the beam will produce a 3-inch line to penetrate the skin. It moves perpendicular hovering overtop the area for the duration of treatment.

It’ll continue on for 30 minutes. The only direct contact comes from a “massage” at the end by a percussion device.

6. It’s Safe

We may have mentioned this before we got into the nitty-gritty. But, safety is an important factor in laser sculpting so, we’re going to explain why it’s safe.

The laser irradiation within the tissue is non-ionizing. This means that there won’t be any cause of cancer cell formation.

Furthermore, anyone can receive this treatment. The only stipulation is you have to wear protective eyewear. But, other than that is poses no harmful risks nor does it cause any side effects.

When searching for the right laser option, look for one that is cleared by the FDA. Also, you should ensure that it has undergone clinical research to test for safety.

7. Won’t Cost You Much Time

In most instances, treatment for body laser sculpting lasts between 30 to 40 minutes. Yep, during your lunch break, you can begin chiseling away at cellulite.

Some laser devices will require multiple treatments. Very commonly, people do 6 to 10 treatments and take a week between each appointment.

(But, in some cases, you’ll see improvement in as little as two treatments.)

Another saving grace is that it doesn’t require any kind of recovery period since it’s not a surgical procedure. You won’t need any painkillers or any other medicine, either.

After treatment, patients are able to carry on with their days and feel fine.

8. You’ll See Results

It’s not liposuction, so no, you’re not going to see these drastic changes. But, body laser sculpting isn’t intended to cause any massive changes.

Also, your results are going to be delayed more than other procedures. It is non-invasive, so it works in a slower process.

Its goal is to reduce fat cells. This procedure is best for people who are happy with their weight but want to remove the excess layer of fat.

Ready to Look Your Best?

Now that you know all about laser sculpting, aren’t you ready to give it a try?

If you’re looking to live better, feel better, and be better, you need the Verju. Verju is a highly effective, non-invasive laser treatment.

Contact us today to learn how you can reduce fat in as little as two sessions!

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