Hot Yoga Classes: The Hottest New Way to Improved Health

hot yoga classesReady to rev up your yoga sessions with some heat?

Hot yoga was developed and popularized in the 1970s by Indian yogi master Bikram Choudhury. Learning and developing his practice since the age of four, Bikram sought to mimic the climate of his homeland of India in his yoga studio in New York City.

If you’re still on the fence about taking some hot yoga classes, read on to explore the benefits this extreme style of yoga has to offer.

The Movement Of Hot Yoga Classes

Bikram yoga leads practitioners through 26 postures designed to stretch the body and alleviate the mind.

Like hatha yoga, Bikram yoga focuses on controlled movement in relation to the individual’s breathing. This concentration on form and breath often frees the yogi’s mind from any wandering thoughts that are commonly experienced.

It might seem like simply stretching, but it’s really more like a dance. The practitioners move from one pose to the next, extending through each form and onto the next. Keeping the focus on the breath allows the yogi to remain present in their experience.

The Heat

It’s hot in India. And humid.

This is the climate that Bikram learned and developed his craft in. When he came to New York, he missed the familiar weather he had been accustomed to all his life. So he turned up the heat.

Hot yoga classes are required to be in a studio with a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity. That’s pretty intense, but there’s a purpose.

The added heat further loosens the joints and muscles, allowing for greater stretching in the movements.

Also, practicing yoga in a well-heated room really ramps up the body’s blood flow. It might not seem like it, but yoga by itself is a great workout that engages your core abdomen and tones the body. Add in the heat and you have an even greater cardiovascular workout.

The Aftermath

Yoga is a full package experience.

You get in a great workout and hardly even realize it because you’re so at ease with all the chaos of the world. The meditative effects of yoga really can’t be understated.

After you’ve taken a few hot yoga classes, you’ll come to enjoy the puddle of sweat around you and the drenched shirt clinging to your chest. It’s like all your worries melting away in one, 90-minute session.

Lying on the mat after one of my hot yoga classes, I’m always so grateful for giving myself the opportunity to both workout and relax. Bikram yoga truly is a wonderful experience worth checking out.

Try Hot Yoga Classes Today!

Bikram yoga has spread far and wide since its debut in New York City in the 1970s. Now, you can find it in most cities across the United States. Take a look online and find out what’s being offered in your area.

Please, contact us with any comments or questions you might have. We’re always happy to help beginners discover and explore new opportunities in regards to body and mind health.

Comment below with any of your yoga experiences!

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