Tips for Doctors

Using the Verjú® Laser – Tips for Doctors

General Knowledge


Q. What is the Verjú Green Diode System?

A. The Verjú Green Diode System is a piece of low-level laser therapy equipment used to remove fatty lipids from body cells.

Q. How does the Verjú Green Diode System Work?

A. Six low-level lasers are placed over the patient’s treatment area(s). Photonic energy from the lasers excite the body’s cells, causing the release of fatty lipids and shrinking of fat cells. A percussor is then used to help release the liberated fat via the lymphatic system.

Q. What is it used for?

A. The Verjú Green Diode System is used to reduce the circumference of the treatment area(s) and to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Q. What are the benefits of low-level laser therapy?

A. Studies have shown a significant reduction in a patient’s overall circumference as well as noticeable reduction in their amount of cellulite.

Q. How safe is the Verjú system?

A. The Verjú system is incredibly safe. The only precaution is to have the patient wear special filtering eyewear during treatment.

Q. How deep into the tissue can laser light penetrate?

A. The depth of penetration is dependent on multiple factors including mass and density. Low-level lasers have been proven in clinical studies to effect subcutaneous cells. Low-level lasers do penetrate, as opposed to the heat lamp devices that do not.

Q. What the difference is between the green diode and other systems?

A. Unlike other systems, the green diode increases collagen concentration in the dermal layer and remodels collagen within the fibrotic septae. This puts the green diode system ahead of all others when treating circumferential and cellulite reduction.



Q. Is the Verjú system painful?

A. The Verjú system is painless and requires no recovery time.

Q. How is the Verjú therapy administered?

A. There are three basic steps when administering of the Verjú therapy. We first find the most severe areas of cellulite, then we use the diodes to target the area in a perpendicular fashion, and finally we attempt to produce a 3-inch line generated beam to treat the target area.

Q. How long does it take for the laser to improve the appearance of cellulite?

A. A patient can expect to see results within two weeks, depending on their number of visits.

Q. What’s the difference between Lasers vs. LED?

A. Lasers are coherent (single-color wavelength), non-divergent, and coherent (wavelengths in phase). LEDs are non-coherent (produce light in all directions), they are divergent, and they produce a broad band of wavelengths. Lasers are capable of penetrating, whereas LEDs are used only in surface treatment.


Q. What clinical studies have been conducted using the Verjú laser?

A. The Verjú laser underwent a placebo controlled study to gauge its efficacy and achieved great results. You can learn more about the study and others here.

Sales & Marketing

Q. How much does the Verjú laser devices cost?

A. Depending on the treatment area and amount of treatment needed, the Verjú laser treatment cost ranges from $60-$280.

Q. What are the trends in laser therapy?

A. The popularity of laser therapy procedures have steadily increased over the years. The consumer base is growing. Specifically, laser treatment of the skin has seen the greatest increase.

 Q. How does a Verjú Laser Physician get added to the Physician Search?

A. To add your listing, please follow the Physician Search step-by-step instructions included here.

Q. How do Verjú equipment owners gain access to approved marketing materials (i.e. logos, pictures, brochures, banners, and posters)?

A. Erchonia has built a Marketing Portal for all customers to access. Each physician must create their own account using the Marketing Portal step-by-step instructions included here.



Q. Is low-level laser therapy FDA market cleared?

A. The FDA clears devices with specific indications of use for market. This is sometimes referred to by persons outside the FDA as “FDA Approval”, although it is a term unacceptable to the FDA. All Erchonia low-level laser therapy equipment and devices have received a FDA market clearance or were self-certified in accordance to FDA regulation.

Q. Are Verjú low-level laser devices tested to ensure safety?

A. Verjú develops, designs, and manufactures devices in accordance to both FDA and International Standards for Medical Device Quality Standards. Prior to release, finished devices are tested to Medical Safety Standards for Laser Controls, EMC, and Safety.


Q. Are there any conditions which would prevent me from low-level laser treatment?

A. There are no code regulated contraindications; however, since there are no long-term evaluations on certain conditions, Verjú does not recommend use on pregnant women or persons with a pace maker.

Q. Does low-level laser therapy cause heat damage or cancer in the tissue?

A. No. Low-level laser by virtue of design is non-heat producing and does not alter the cell structure. The laser irradiation is non-ionizing, meaning it does not collect in the tissue.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. Some persons have reported a sense of deep relaxation that may cause drowsiness. 

Q. Are there any complications to the treatments?

 A. There are no known and/or published adverse effects of low-level laser therapy.


Service and Repair

Q. How long is the turnaround time for servicing my Verjú equipment?

 A. Low-level laser repair service takes between 3-5 business days once we receive it in our facility. Also please keep in mind this does not include your shipping days to and from our facility.

Q. How does the process work on getting my Erchonia equipment serviced?

A. The first step is to contact a representative in our service department by phone or e-mail to setup a service order. Second, once the service order is setup, pack equipment safely, put your service order # on the outside and inside of the box. Once we receive the equipment we will contact you by phone or e-mail letting you know we have received it. It will then go out to our technicians who will examine the equipment. Once it’s been looked over, we will contact you by phone or e-mail letting you know the diagnoses and cost to have the unit repaired. Once we receive approval, we will move forward with the repair. We will collect payment over the phone or through e-mail then fix the unit, ship it out, and e-mail you the tracking #.

Q. Is there any kind of warranty after repairs have been done?

A. Yes, you have a 90 day warranty on everything: parts, labor, shipping, etc. All batteries and diodes will have a 1-year warranty.

Q. How do you recommend I ship in my Verjú equipment?

A. We recommend FedEx or UPS, as they are the most reliable. If you do not have a box or foam to pack the unit up, you may go to FedEx or UPS store and they can pack it up for you.

Q. Do I send my Verjú equipment in for service or can parts be sent to me for self-service?

A. Verjú strives for only the best quality. Therefore we do all repairs in-house to insure our customers the best quality possible.

Q. Where do I ship my Verjú equipment if I need service?

A. You will ship your equipment to our facility in Melbourne – 650 Atlantis Rd.  Melbourne, FL  32904  Attn:  Service Department.

Q.    What information do I need to have present when contacting a service representative to setup a service order?

A. You will need the serial number off your equipment and your contact information (address, phone number, e-mail).

For more information you can refer to your treatment manual, contact us directly here, or watch our instructional videos below:

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