Realistic Tips for Belly Fat Removal

Belly FatSummer may seem too late to work on slimming up and trimming down. However, the bright weather, fresh fruits and veggies, and overabundant opportunities to get moving and active make it the perfect time to seriously think about getting in shape. Verju by Erchonia has a few summertime tips for creating a sleeker, slimmer you.

  1. Think realistically. There’s no such thing as quick and easy fat loss, nor is there any real way to “spot trim.” While you may think all you need to focus on is belly fat removal, you’ll actually lose weight and cut body fat from head to toe. And you can forget all those articles and products that promise “10 pounds lighter in a month.” They aren’t healthy, effective ways to lose weight and keep it off. So, your first step on the belly fat removal journey begins between your ears with a realistic, healthy idea of what you are undertaking.

  2. Eat realistically. The summer presents some of the best ways to change your unhealthy eating habits and form new ones. All the fresh seasonal fruits and veggies and the need to hydrate more during the summer heat mean you can start forming a better lifestyle for yourself. Try cooling off with a smoothie of Greek yogurt and fresh berries. Sip water infused with fresh mint and grapefruit slices. Add some crisp salads or tabouli to your lunch menus. Snack on crunchy fresh cucumber slices or watermelon. Take advantage of the summer’s goodness to reap the benefits of fat loss and healthy eating.

  3. Exercise realistically. Don’t try to go from couch potato to gym rat in a week. Instead start slowly, perhaps with a walking routine or a daily swim in the pool. Try something new on the weekends, like a day hike, bike ride, or kayaking on the lake. Ease into your new exercise routine or habit instead of jumping in like a gung-ho Marine. You’ll be less likely to hurt yourself and burn out, and more likely to stick with it. Be sure to fit in some cardio, which is the fat-burning exercise that keeps your heart rate up, keeps you sweating, and makes you breath harder.

  4. Sleep realistically. Proper sleep is vital to successful weight loss. Increasing your activity level with your exercise habit should naturally lead to an earlier night, but there are other things you can do in addition. Try cutting back on caffeine after 4 p.m. Slowly ease off of your day, instead of flopping the minute you get home. Moving from super active to ready for bed gradually allows your body to adjust to inactivity better. Try a few household chores like washing up the dishes and tidying up the house after dinner. Then, take a slow stroll around the neighborhood. Finally, get your things ready for the morning. Finally, you’re ready for a good lie down. Cut back on the electronics right before bed, too. And set yourself a schedule that works for you realistically. You can’t expect to see the end of the midnight movie if you have to be up at 6am every morning.

  5. Unwind realistically. Have you been exercising and eating right but still battling the bulge with no explanation in sight? Consider your stress levels. People with more stress are more likely to store extra belly fat due to the hormone cortisol, which is released when you’re under stress and encourages your body to store fat. Take that screen-free time each night before bed for some meditation or journaling. Add some time to your weekend and enjoy painting, drawing, photography, gardening, or other creative pursuits. Increasing your exercise and activity level will help lower your stress, as will establishing a good sleep pattern. While they might not be what you think of as ideal belly fat removal routines, tai chi and yoga can actually reduce your waistline and your stress level.

Summer is the perfect time to work on slimming down, but the above suggestions won’t just do that. Not only will these tips help you slim down—they’ll also help you live a healthier and happier lifestyle in the long run, too. If you’re struggling with diet and exercise to remove belly fat, take a look at some other alternatives such as laser body contouring. Enjoy!

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