The Foam Roller: A Primer

Are you ready to feel like you received a two-hour massage? The foam roller is here to save you. A foam roller is exactly what it sounds like – a stiff foam cylinder that is used to rollout the triggers and tough knots in your muscles.

foam roller

This tool is amazing to use before you warm up for a workout and after you cool down. You can use it to roll out your calves, thighs, lower and upper back and pretty much anywhere on your body to relieve strain and soreness.

The mistake many people make is to only use it when they’re sore or have pain in their muscles. But in reality, this is a great resource for both athletes and the general public to reduce soreness and prevent injury. It is important to feel loose and ache free before and after a workout. Rolling your body on the foam roller after partaking in physical activity is a great way to loosen up the muscles you just used. Not only will you work achy muscles, but also you will prevent any muscle injuries.

For everyday life, especially if you sit behind a computer desk for most of your day, the form roller can be used to increase flexibility and blood circulation throughout your body.

How Do You Use a Foam Roller?

When you are using a foam roller, lie the part of your body that you would like to work on top of the foam roller. Work out the muscle by using your arms to stabilize your body, and then proceed in a forward and backward rolling motion. To attain the best results make sure to stay on one part of your body for at least 30 seconds before switching.

Which Foam Roller Is Right for You?

There are several ways to determine which foam roller is right for you. When comparing the various options of rollers, first observe its durability as you place your body weight on one. There are different varieties of foam rollers, which mean some are firmer than others. The firmer the roller, the harder it will work through your soreness and tension. Beginners beware that when using a foam roller for the first time, it may feel uncomfortable or even slightly painful at first. As you work through the tension you will feel less uncomfortable.

The second way to determine which foam roller is right for you is knowing your level of activity and what you’re training for. For example, if you’re a runner you may need a firm roller to discharge those aches and pains before and after your runs. If you’re a cyclist, or a swimmer, you may not need the foam roller to be so stiff. It all depends on how you will use the roller.

The last way to determine which foam roller to buy is to choose which precision structure of the foam roller best suites you. For example, the roller with the ridges (Rumble Roller) is going to give you a deep massage. It is precise in the way that it will dig deep into your knots. If you want the same precision, but not as rough, try the Grid Roller. This does the same thing, but in a smooth, less intense way.

Why Use a Foam Roller?

Over all the foam roller has several long lasting benefits and will help avoid any future injuries for both athletes and everyday individuals. You can use it every day or as often as needed to increase flexibility, and relieve soreness and muscle tension. Whether you are a very active person or sedentary; foam rollers are a great tool to keep your muscles loose and help increase blood circulation.


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