VERJÚ Laser Implementation & Success (Erchonia)

Start Date:Thu, 13-12-2018End Date: Thu, 13-12-2018
Speaker: Erchonia's Laser ExpertsCEU:
Location: Your Home or Office

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VERJÚ Laser Implementation & Success Webinar

– Advance your Practice with Proven Marketing Techniques –


The market for non-invasive procedures is growing each year and is expected to reach 1 billion by 2022.  Non-invasive devices like the VERJÚ are fueling that growth.  We will present marketing techniques to show you how to create & improve your clinic’s successful VERJÚ Business Model.  By making small changes to your marketing programs, you can see drastic changes to your return on investment.  All you need is 45 minutes and a computer connection.

Come learn about…

– Successful VERJÚ business programs for the office

– Who is the target client and where to locate them

– When to do specific promotions via Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

– When/how to host open house events

– Proven social media marketing strategies

– Minimum marketing investment for maximum return on investment

– Tailored patient financing programs

– How to encourage clients to secure patient financing

– And most importantly, becoming the VERJÚ laser expert in your community

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When:  Thursday, December 13th, 2018 at 2:00pm EST/11:00am PST
Where:  At the convenience of your home or office
Hosted By:  Alyssa Vincent, Erchonia Corporation & Stephen Johnson, Varidi


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You will not be disappointed as we walk you through how these simple marketing techniques can be incorporated into your business without adversely affecting your schedule.  We look forward to you joining us.