Why Does Wavelength Color Matter?

Both men and women want the perfect body. In an attempt to sculpt ourselves into the perfect silhouette many of us have pursued a wide range of different solutions, from excessive dieting and exercise, to liposuction and other forms of surgery. Even the most dedicated diet and exercise regime can leave you with areas of stubborn fat around your belly, hips, thighs, and love-handles. On top of that, the risk of going under the knife leaves many of us feeling squeamish, and worried about living with new surgery scars.

Today, innovative technology and the introduction of new and improved science could be making cosmetic excellence easier than ever before. Body contouring procedures make it possible to achieve weight loss without risk, downtime, or surgical scars – perfect for giving us the body shape we’ve always wanted. Though many people have heard of the “body contouring” craze, and are discovering new forms of laser fat removal, few understand the system itself – and even fewer realize that wavelength color is the element that defines a life-altering treatment from a semi-useful lightshow.

Why Pursue New Wavelengths?

Commonly, the diode wavelength in body contouring laser treatments are red in color, or 635nm – a therapy approved by clinical trials and research. However, though research suggests that the red wavelength is safe enough to use for body contouring—up until now—few people have considered
whether this color is ideal for achieving optimum results.Young Woman Fitness Model on White

Body contouring treatments and weight loss procedures are huge and growing spheres of cosmetic surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, statistics report that minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures increased by 3% from 2012 to 2013, reaching a number of more than 13.4 million. Though the demand for body shaping treatments is on the rise, so too is the need for these procedures to become more effective.

Driven by a devotion to research and cosmetic enhancement, Erchonia has developed a new dual-diode laser in an effort to emulsify fat and reduce the circumference of the hips, thighs, waist, and stomach.

Is There Proof That Green Lasers Work?

The updated technology of the green laser diodes at 532nm wavelength ensures that treatment is delivered more effectively, efficiently, and non-invasively, than ever before, for a comprehensive and proven body contouring and cellulite reduction experience. Clinical trials have shown that the green laser is capable of providing a 25% more energy than the traditional wavelength, allowing for a greater reduction in circumference, and faster treatment times.

The green wavelength laser produced by Erchonia – known as “Verju”, stimulates the adipocyte cells’ mitochondria process, thereby enhancing the production of ATP, which triggers the up-regulation of cAMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate). cAMP is proven to help convert triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids, which can easily pass through the cell membrane – allowing for the reduction of body circumference.

Erchonia has provided consistent and empirical evidence that the green wavelength works better than traditional sence. Six clinical trials have been completed by Erchonia to support the concept that red (635nm) lasers can effectively and safely collapse fat cells, and Erchonia has committed to sponsoring clinical studies that substantiate their own claims. According to the certified doctors and professionals that conducted the double-blind Verju cellulite clinical trial, the green wavelength appears to be capable of producing even better results than the traditional red option.

So What Can The Green Wavelength Do?

Science confirms that the Verju laser is capable of delivering a wavelength that is more effective than any other body contouring solution on the market today. Not only is this the only green wavelength laser available for body shaping procedures, it also has the potential to be the one capable of delivering the best results. By offering a wavelength that carries more energy at 532nm, the green wavelength liberates lipid material, while stimulating the synthesis of type I and III collagen. In simple terms, the green wavelength allows for:

  • User-independent treatment
  • Better overall circumference reduction
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Convenient patient protocol
  • Concurrent cellulite and body contouring treatment

So what do you think of the new and improved laser treatment? Do you think that you would be more inclined to seek out a body contouring solution like this, rather than opting for riskier surgical methods?

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